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10 Kitchen Trends of 2022 To Improve Your Home

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Sustainability and connecting with nature seems to be a key focus for 2022 kitchen trends. After the past two years of spending the majority of time at home, it seems designers are realizing that people want to be as up close and personal with the natural world as possible. 

From reflecting this throughout the kitchen with new paint trends, to introducing floral and leafy wallpapers, there are many interior ideas that will help you achieve this. As well as sustainability, there’s the urge to create statement pieces, and make the kitchen the heart of the home.

If you’re looking for a new kitchen design, here are 10 of the hottest kitchen trends of 2022.

1. Sustainability

It’s all about Mother Earth this year, and not just through décor and design ideas. Sustainable living is becoming more and more important to people, whether that be through using eco-friendly products, kitchen cleaning, and recycling. As the year goes on, we’ll see more people introducing this way of living into their daily lives.

In regard to aesthetics, people are jumping on the up-cycling hype. Instead of gutting handmade kitchens and installing new ones, people are choosing to update them by painting kitchen cabinets and countertops in new colors, and changing the handles and knobs on cabinets. 

Particular colors that are ‘in’ right now if you’re into the sustainable kitchen style are olive greens and earthy colors to create the ultimate eco-friendly space. Leafy green wallpapers are also in, as well as introducing many species of potted plants and indoor trees.

2. Custom Organization

IKEA Billy Bookcase lovers – this 2022 kitchen design trend will be one you’ll want to take note of. These days, designers are focusing on creating custom spaces for homeowners (particularly those who love to cook) to house the kitchen items they want on display. From cookbooks to jars of spices, this trend is all about combining the best of both worlds: functionality and attractiveness. 

Designers are creating specially-made in-built organizers that fit the aesthetic and ergonomics of your kitchen. It’s a storage lover’s dream!

3. Kitchen Zoning

As more and more people work from home, creating a work-life balance is more important than ever before. With people not wanting to combine their workspace with their home life, zoning has become much more popular. This means creating zones in different open-planned areas to create more of a divide between work and home life. 

In regard to the kitchen, creating multi-functional zones is rising in popularity, too. For example, those who entertain regularly may want to think about how they can better utilize their space to allow guests to enjoy the full potential of your kitchen. This means adding island counters and stools where people can sit and socialize. Or zoning off utility areas, so you can clear any clutter away before people arrive.

4. Statement Slabs

2022 is all about giving your kitchen its own personality, and this trend extends beyond colored countertops and superficial appliances. Instead, designers are seeing a surge in homeowners wanting to create a statement countertop, using materials like granite, quartz, and marble. 


Designers are expecting to see bold stone selections, so instead of plain white stone, think veined and patterned stone. As well as applying these materials to countertops, you can add them to your backsplash too, to make more of a statement both vertically and horizontally.

5. Rustic Cottage Style

This style will never go out of fashion because there will always be a love for the old-world, romantic, cottage core kitchen design. This aesthetic has also become more popular in the wake of the pandemic, as people have found solace in moving to rural areas from the cities. Even those who have stayed put amongst their urban surroundings are embracing the country-inspired feel.


It has also become popular due to Instagram interior accounts putting a twist on the rustic style, and adding some more modern features to it. Homeowners are now experimenting with different materials to create a contrast between the contemporary and the classic. Features include distressed brickwork and exposed beams combined with hi-tech appliances, metallic emphasis, and industrial-style lighting.

6. Outdoor Smart Kitchens

In recent years, smart technology within homes has been steadily rising. But in 2022, it seems this trend will be making its way from indoors to outdoors. The embrace of the smart outdoor kitchen will see those with enough space build an area to host summer (and if you’re brave enough) winter cookouts. Homeowners will set up this kitchen design and be able to control every aspect via their smartphones, with many appliances and equipment responding to WiFi.

The outdoor smart kitchen will have a whole host of up-to-date technology, including:

  • WiFi-controlled heating features, including airless smart heaters and fire pits.
  • LED lighting to create an ambient atmosphere and illuminate the outdoor space.
  • Weather-resistant HD projectors and smart TVs.
  • WiFi-enabled smokers, grills, and BBQs.
  • Surround-sound AV systems.

7. Minimalistic

From rustic cottage-core to minimalism, there has been a rise at both ends of the contemporary and modern spectrum. Minimalism has made it into the popular 2022 kitchen design trend list, and it’s the perfect style for those who thrive on simplicity and bright white spaces. 

This style sees everything from kitchen cabinets and even your backsplash matching in color. The most popular color is white, as it creates a positive atmosphere, channeling peace, calm, comfort and hope. It also creates a sense of efficiency and order, which can be a great help if you like your kitchen to be organized.

For some slight variation, this trend has seen people balancing marble countertops next to their kitchen cabinets, and adding a white ash floor. This is then completed with finishing touches, including sleek barstools and minimal black lighting.

8. Neutral and Nude

This 2022 kitchen design trend is an offspring of the sustainable living trend. As people turn to greener and more eco-friendly ways of life, the décor choice has softened and become cleaner and wiser. Think nude and neutral tones, both in relation to countertops, kitchen cabinets, walls, floors, and matching with appliances. 

Other décor trends include bringing the outdoors in again. Try upcycling old tree branches from your backyard and placing them in a ceramic or glass vase, and surrounding the neutral centerpiece with fruit or a wood chopping board. You can easily (and cheaply) create a simple vignette for your kitchen.

To achieve this look, you can also add a warm and toned marble backsplash. It’s one of the most important aspects of your kitchen, after all, so why not make it a centerpiece in your neutral and nude design? The backsplash will enhance the beauty of your kitchen design and also protect your wall from smoke spots, food residue, and grease. The warm tone and high-quality marble will also give you the opportunity to add texture and design to the neutral space. 

9. Monochrome

Black and white is taking a year off in 2022, as two-tone and monochrome kitchens make a comeback. With splashes of color and geometric notes, this kitchen design adds a little drama and sophistication to the kitchen space. Monochrome and two-tone kitchens are also the perfect décor for people who love to host and entertain. They can provide the ideal backdrop for elegant martini evenings with friends.

When taking on this kitchen design trend, the key is not to go too over the top. It’s important to be selective about how you incorporate the monochrome or two-tone into your space. For example, you can opt for a piece of statement black furniture – like a big table and chairs, if you have an open-plan kitchen/dining area. Then, soften the rest of your kitchen with a white design, as it will make the statement pieces pop. 

In smaller kitchens, try and avoid darker colors unless you use them as an accent tone. This can run the risk of making the space look even smaller. If this does apply to you, and you still want to achieve this kitchen trend, opt for the monochrome or two-tone touches in the form of statement accessories, such as vases, prints, or appliances. 

10. Wood Finishes

If you don’t want to go for the whole rustic cottage style, but do enjoy the look of some wood finishing, this could be the 2022 kitchen design trend for you. Because sustainability and natural materials have made a major comeback, homeowners are exposing beams and upcycling butcher block countertops to create kitchen islands. This trend emphasizes the nature-inspired style and helps to create a real warmth in the kitchen, which to many is the hub of the home.

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