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The 10 Most Popular Quartz Colours for 2022

Make your kitchen countertop stand out amongst the rest with the most popular quartz colours of 2022

Quartz countertops are stylish alternatives to granite and marble because they give off a modern look while remaining economical and sturdy.

It’s also low-maintenance and diverse, coming in various styles and colours.

However, there are many variations of quartz – you may be overwhelmed with the selection if you’re not familiar with the unique range of colours available. 

The best way to narrow down your choices is to consider the most popular options for 2022. 

Here’s a list of the ten most sought-after colours this year, as well as some additional information on quartz to make your installation process much smoother.  

What Is Quartz?

Quartz mainly consists of silica or silicon dioxide and can be found within igneous rocks or environments with geothermal waters.

While some countertops are made out of natural quartz, most are manufactured worldwide.

People favour this material due to its durability and the many colours, finishes, and patterns it comes in.

Granite vs. Quartz

Granite is a completely natural stone that comes from quarries around the world. The stone is cut down into more manageable sizes and then polished.

Granite comes in various colours and patterns, and no two granite slabs are 100% identical since it is all-natural.

Conversely, quartz is usually artificial and manufactured in different countries. However, it can come in any colour or pattern, making it more convenient when searching for the right hue to match your design.

Granite requires more maintenance than quartz because it needs to be sealed every so often, and since it has a porous surface, granite cracks easily.

Durable quartz can withstand more without breaking or chipping, which is why many people gravitate towards it.

Both materials are costly due to their heaviness and difficulty transporting. One slab of either material can weigh 46 kilograms or more.

Both materials will require an expert to install them properly. It is not recommended that you install them yourself due to their size and weight.

Marble vs. Quartz

Marble has a softer, more porous surface, absorbing liquids effortlessly. For instance, if you spilled a glass of red wine on it, the stain would seep into the material and be challenging to remove. You would not have to worry about lingering stains with quartz because of its smooth surface.

Marble demands extra care and needs to be sealed regularly to hinder stains and imperfections.

Once again, quartz does not require sealing and stays stain resistant. Special cleaning products are necessary for marble countertops because ordinary household cleansers damage them. You can use dish soap and warm water to clean quartz, so it’s more practical for a busy family home full of children and pets.

Marble is one of the most expensive materials you can buy, so it costs way more than quartz. Also, marble is a purely natural material; it cannot come in as many colours and patterns as quartz.

Overall, Quartz stands as the best low-maintenance, versatile, and durable option when comparing each material.

Check out the list of the ten most popular quartz styles for 2022 below to help guide your decision on which colour and pattern would be right for you.

1. Marbled Black

Marbled black quartz countertops look and feel like natural marble without the high price.

Black is a colour that is associated with wealth, power, and class, and marbled black countertops will definitely give your kitchen an elegant, striking appearance.

While this colour might seem like a bold, daring choice, you might be surprised at how functional it can be.

This tone often works best with light cabinets, walls, and flooring. It is advised that you avoid this tone if your kitchen already has a lot of dark elements.

2. Marbled White

On the opposite end of the spectrum, you have white marbled Sio4 Stone quartz, which also mimics the appearance of natural marble.

White is a versatile colour that gives the sense of more space in a kitchen. The streaks of grey and black will add depth and interest to the kitchen to keep it from looking too plain.

It’s best to pair white marbled quartz with mid-toned or dark-toned cabinets and flooring for contrast.

3. Cream 

Cream-coloured quartz is softer than white and is a good option for a more subtle approach. It pairs well with virtually any cabinet or floor colour. 

Swirls or specks of other hues like tans and browns will complement natural wooden cabinets and floors.

If you lean towards a more traditional kitchen, cream quartz will help you achieve that look.

4. Mixed

Mixed quartz countertops make a kitchen pop. With mixed colours, you can complement various floors and cabinets by pulling in the different hues.

For example, a countertop with grey, brown, black, and cream will be easy to pair with deep brown wooden floors, white cabinets, and black appliances.

It’s hard to go wrong with mixed tones because you have a surplus of colour combinations and choices.

5. Grey

Grey is a conservative choice and adds a clean, elegant, and modern look. This tone is excellent for dark-coloured flooring, cabinets, or appliances.

Likewise, grey countertops work well with white or light-coloured kitchen elements.

Some greys have lustrous specks of black, white, or other shades of grey within them. You can play with those different colours in other parts of the kitchen design.

On the other hand, matte grey Lucent quartz mimics concrete and pairs well with industrial kitchen designs.

6. Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is not for the faint of heart, as it’s a very bold colour choice. However, there is an appealing quality to this colour.

Rose quartz countertops will give your kitchen a soft, playful feel if done correctly. This hue can come in a marbled pattern or look more like granite with iridescent flecks of gold and pearl tones.

Rose countertops pair best with white flooring and cabinets.

7. Blue

Whether used in accents or as the primary colour, blue quartz countertops can add style to your kitchen, especially if you desire a coastal/nautical theme.

The shades range from dark blue to pale blue and come in various patterns, such as marbled, speckled, or swirled.

Blue looks good in a matte or a glossy finish and can have traces of unexpected colours in them, such as brown, tan, or cream.

Blue countertops would compliment warm brown cabinets and floors nicely. They could also pair well with white to add more contrast to your kitchen.

8. Brown and Tan

There are varieties of TCE quartz in different brown or tan shades. Some even have traces of gold tones embedded in them that are very pretty when reflecting light.

Tan countertops go well with darker brown cabinets, while deeper brown countertops pair well with cream tones.

If you appreciate a rustic or traditional style, brown quartz may be the perfect match to suit your tastes.

9. Tomato Red

Red seems like a design staple, as the hue often appears in kitchens worldwide. Perhaps it’s because the colour red inspires growth in appetite or grabs the eye’s attention.

Whatever the reason, the hue remains popular, and red quartz countertops are highly sought after.

This bold design choice creates a retro vibe and pairs well with white and black elements. For instance, you may match it with white cabinets accented with black hardware.

Black cabinets with metallic accents would also complement a red countertop.

Grey could also work because it’s a neutral tone that wouldn’t compete with the red.

Some kitchen designs use red as a pop of colour on an island instead of throughout the entire space.

10. Sparkling Quartz

Sparkling quartz has the chicest appearance. It can look gorgeous in practically any kitchen design and comes in many shades.

It makes any kitchen pop and exudes charm. The light that reflects from the surface can even make your kitchen seem brighter and larger.

White sparkling quartz is the most desired choice in modern-day kitchens because it adds charm to the plain white colour. The same is true for black countertops.

Considering Countertop Finishes

While a countertop’s colour is essential, you must also consider its finish – it can change the whole ambiance of the space.

The two most popular finishes for quartz are matte and polished. 


Matte means that the texture lacks shine, so it’s flat and does not reflect light. Polished means the surface has a glossy sheen that light can bounce off of effortlessly. 

Matte surfaces typically conceal smudges, marks, and imperfections, so they don’t need a lot of maintenance. However, matte counters make a kitchen feel smaller, darker, and more closed-in.


Polished surfaces make a space look larger and lighter. Even when polished surfaces are dark, they can reflect light better than matte ones. Therefore, rich-toned countertops look better with a polished finish. 

On the downside, polished textures show more stains, cracks, and chips than matte ones. Spills, crumbs, and grease will be seen right away. 

Also, polished countertops will require extensive care to keep their shine.


Hopefully, the colour options and finishes mentioned above will help you decide on the best quartz for your kitchen design. There are tons of other impressive options out there.

Plenty of companies offer customized countertops in addition to the ones displayed in-store or online to create a kitchen unlike any other.

Call a specialist and book a free consultation with Caviar Kitchen And Stone today to make the kitchen of your dreams a reality.