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7 Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen and Countertop During Christmas

Christmas is approaching and we want to inspire you with how ways to decorate your kitchen and countertop during Christmas

Christmas is near, and you are decorating your home to give the aerial of the season. Decorating your home for Christmas shouldn’t be restricted only to the sitting room and bedrooms but also to other parts of the home, such as the kitchen. 

When decorating your kitchen, the common challenge often faced is how to decorate your kitchen countertop. Decorating the kitchen with no effort in decorating the counter can ruin the whole vibe of Christmas. Hence, you want to pay attention to your countertop and bring out the best of it ahead of Christmas. 

Decorating your countertop shouldn’t be a hassle. With the right guide, you can give your counter that appealing look that your friends will appreciate when they visit and enter your kitchen. 

Clear The Counter

One reason your countertop is looking rough and unkempt is that unnecessary items are kept on it. Some items in the kitchen don’t belong to the countertop but are often left there due to negligence or for ease of access. Hence, your first task in decorating your counter is to get rid of some items. 

For example, if you have unarranged pots on your counter, this is the best time to take them away from your countertop and take them to where they belong. If you already have a bowl of fruit on the counter, you can leave it there, but it must be well arranged. However, if you don’t want the bowl of fruit on the countertop, you can move it to the kitchen table to create a focal point in the kitchen. 

Also, if your cabinet is full and you are left with no option to keep your kitchen items, consider racks and risers, as they help store dishes and utensils with enough elevation.

Add Christmas Lights To Your Kitchen

Christmas lights are definitely one of the more memorable aspects to Christmas. Wherever you decide to hang or display some lights it is sure to bring out the Christmas spirit in anybody. The challenge is where to put them for easy access. There are a few places to consider when choosing where to hang your Christmas lights. 

Utilize the space above your stove, fridge or cabinets to hang a set of Christmas lights. Since these items are for display try to make sure they won’t get in the way of cooking or potentially fall, causing a fire hazard.

Cover The Cabinet Walls With Wreaths and Bows

Decorating your counter for Christmas doesn’t necessarily mean removing bulky pieces in the kitchen to provide space for storage. Unused surfaces, such as the cabinet walls are a good option to decorate in your kitchen. Consider bows and ribbons. What’s great about them is that they are easy to install and remove. They can quickly lift the Christmas mood for you and your family. Having a wreath or bow in this space brings the whole room together and can look really good if decorated properly.

Embrace the Christmas Theme

If you really want to put a focus on Christmas colours like red and green, try to stay consistent when decorating your kitchen. Having many contrasting colors in your kitchen won’t help with your decoration effort. It is best to stick to one color or theme for the items on the countertop or kitchen. 

If you have old utensils that do not match your chosen colors, hide them so they don’t ruin the vibe. With this, we ensure everything hanging over and beside your counter communicates with one another.

It is also worth mentioning that it is important to invest in matching cans, cups and storage containers. For example, keeping your salt, sugar, and flour out on the counter is not a bad practice if they are out in pretty canisters that suit your decoration.

Choosing pieces with coordinated colors will help make your counter look less cluttered.

Grab Some Decorative Trays

Trays are useful kitchen tools, especially when decorating the kitchen for festive periods like Christmas. Trays come in different sizes, and each size is useful for different purposes in the kitchen. For example, while large trays are good for holding olive oil and utensils, small trays can hold small items like keys and sunglasses. Even trays for mugs can be decorated and made to give off that warm Christmas vibe.

Bring In Christmas Themed Pieces Of Art

Pieces of art are not only meant for the sitting room and bedrooms but also useful in the kitchen. Hence, bring in some festive christmas art pieces and display them or hang them on the wall. However, it is important to note that the pieces are susceptible to cooking splatter, make sure you choose easy-to-clean frames, such as painted metal and wood. Consider some Christmas themed centerpieces that can draw the eyes of anyone upon entering your kitchen.

Display Christmas Plants

You have probably heard that plants breathe life into a room, but you might doubt if it does to a kitchen too. The kitchen is no exception to the practice. 

There are a few ways to get it done: placing the plants on the countertop, hanging them below the cabinet with a hook, or perching them on top of a canister that is not usually used. This is one great means of bringing out the best of your kitchen for Christmas.

Some great Christmas plants include:

  • Poinsettia 
  • European Holly Berry
  • Mistletoe
  • Christmas Rose
  • Christmas Cactus

Besides hanging some plants, another option is to display some fruits. This depends on your ideal fruits, but common fruits to consider for Christmas include apples and berries. Arrange them in a large bowl or multiple small bowls and place on the countertop. Lemon is another fruit to consider for this purpose. 

Overall, fruits help bring out life into a kitchen and make it vibrant. However, don’t forget to stick to your chosen theme in the kitchen.


Decorating your counter for Christmas should be taken into much consideration from you. If you want to transform your kitchen for a few months we don’t blame you, we love Christmas too and plan to go all out with decorating ourselves. If you plan accordingly and consider all our tips there is no doubt your kitchen will look amazing when it comes time for Christmas. We hope you all have a safe and amazing Christmas season. 

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