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How to Choose the Best Edge for Quartz Countertops

Durability and longevity of your next kitchen countertop should be of top priority. Here are the most durable countertop materials, each with their own pros and cons.

Installing stylish quartz countertop edges is a superb way to polish off your new counters and add that extra ‘wow’ factor to the space. There are many edge types for you to select, giving you plenty of room to customize. However, you may also be overwhelmed by all the choices and not sure which is the best edge for your kitchen.

Let’s explore choosing the best countertop edges alternative for your needs.

Aesthetic Factors to Consider

Before deciding on your quartz countertop edges, there are a few things to consider. The main factors to consider in your countertop edges choice are:

  • The material used
  • Your kitchen’s design and size 
  • Your budget for the project

Here’s a breakdown of these factors below.


There are a few logistical matters that may impact your choice. Some countertop materials cannot accommodate all edge designs. Luckily, quartz countertops can handle most edge styles because it is highly durable.

When talking with your contractor, be sure to ask them what edge types are possible for your countertop installation.


The size of your kitchen space also plays a role in which edges for quartz countertops will look the best. A large area can accommodate most designs. Smaller kitchens, however, look better with less ornate edges. 

A subtle, smooth edge choice looks more in place and makes it easier to move around the space without bumping into clunky, sharp countertop corners.

Kitchen Style

The countertop edges you choose also depend on your style. Are your home and kitchen design traditional or contemporary? More complex edges suit large, traditional kitchens, and straightforward, smoother edges look best in modern spaces.


The countertop you choose may also depend on your budget. The more ornate quartz countertop edges are, the more they will cost. 

Types of Quartz Countertop Edges

There are several edge styles to choose from. You can even get your contractor to tailor-make an edge style to suit your individual preferences.

Pro-tip: it’s best to talk with your contractor and decide on a countertop style at the beginning of the countertop installation process. Ask your installation specialist or quartz countertops manufacturer what edge styles they can provide for you. This way, you will limit hassles and problems later down the line.

However, you can get a head start and learn about each of your options. 

Let’s explore the typical styles available.

Bullnose Edges

This edge type includes a rounded finish on the top and bottom of the countertop edges. The design lends a sophisticated, modern, and luxurious feel to any kitchen type. It is less likely to chip or leave anyone with bruises if bumped into. It’s also super easy to clean.

It is useful to note that bullnose edges are susceptible to spillage running around the bottom of the edge and seeping into the cabinet work.

If a bullnose edge is a bit too pronounced for your taste, you may prefer a crescent edge. The curve is less severe and thus lends a more subtle look to the finish. It’s often used for laminate countertop edges but can also be used for quartz countertops.

Half Bullnose Edges

A half or demi-bullnose edge has a rounded finish plus a flat countertop bottom. The simple look can fit in with most kitchen designs, though they are often preferred for traditional styles. It looks great in stone materials such as quartz countertops. The edge makes the counter appear thicker, while the regular bullnose edge makes counters look thinner.

Eased Edges

These countertop edges are suitable for less spacious kitchen designs. The corners have a slightly rounded finish, which will be less painful to bump into. The quartz countertop sides are also flattering and the rounded shape limits countertop chipping.

The design is stylish, modern, sensible, and affordable, making it a popular choice among homeowners.

Square Edges

A square edge design may be the answer for people who prefer a more defined edge. It is a simple, straight, 90- degree cut that lends itself to ultra-modern, sleek kitchen designs. Though, with its clean-cut appearance, this style suits most kitchen types. It’s an inexpensive alternative, though the sharper can prove to be more prone to getting chipped.

Bevelled Edges

A bevelled edge design has an extra 45-degree bevel cut into the countertop edges. This design defines edge finishes and has a highly elegant appearance. There are also several sub-designs to choose from, such as:

  • Bevel only at the top
  • Bevel at the top and bottom

You can also choose between a quarter and a half bevel. 

No matter which sub-design you choose, bevelled edges are relatively cost-effective, making them another popular selection.

Ogee Edges

This design has an extra curve or groove cut into the edge. This elegant option is suited best to larger kitchen designs, as the extra depth and drama added by the curve may overwhelm a small space. You can choose the depth of the ogee edge curve. The groove can be less easy to keep pristinely clean, as dirt may build up in the carved-out area.

The ogee edge is particularly popular for quartz countertops. If you’re looking in the higher budget range, you may also want to ask about waterfall and miter countertop edges. 

Custom-made Edges

If none of the above options appeal to you, you can also get edges custom-made to your unique specifications. It’s a superb option for upscale spaces looking to make a statement. 

A chiselled or rock face edge that enhances quartz countertops is an excellent choice. Talk to your supplier about what they can do for you. 

Note that this option is typically more expensive than other countertop edges.

Some Final Thoughts

These popular countertop edge designs should give you a great idea of what’s available and possible for your new kitchen counters. Overall, the type of edge you choose should depend on your kitchen’s design. The decor style and size of the area play a vital part in which edge type will look best.

Are you still having trouble deciding on the perfect edge for your kitchen countertop? Book a free consultation with our team of experts today! We’ll help you choose an edge that suits your home and then provide fast and efficient installation.

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