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Kitchen Remodels For Your Home To Increase Its Value

Durability and longevity of your next kitchen countertop should be of top priority. Here are the most durable countertop materials, each with their own pros and cons.
Kitchen Remodeling Plan

Anyone looking to sell their home aims at maximum returns. One of the ways to achieve this is to do kitchen remodels that increase the resell value of your home.

Renovating your kitchen gives it a fresh and updated look. It creates a more enjoyable cook space and improves the aesthetic appeal of your home. Other than that, it will serve you better. It might also give more benefits like more workspace and storage space that you didn’t have earlier. A kitchen remodel should also improve the resell value of your home. Below, we explore a couple of kitchen remodels that will not only guarantee a quick sale but also give back.

Replacing Old Finishes

Finishes give the final flourish and determine how a room will be perceived. Buyers buy with their eyes first, so you have to make an excellent first impression.


In the current market, natural stone countertops are the most sought-after. Not only are they beautiful but also luxurious and timeless. Old granite and marble can easily be restored by deep cleaning to remove stains and resealing. You could also consider updating to something new and different like changing from laminates to the trendy butcher block.

Backsplash, Sink, and Faucet

Replace the subway tile washback with herringbone tiles or honeycomb patterns for a less-common look. There are so many modern sinks and tile options to elevate your complement your new countertop and backsplash. Weigh your options between marble integrated sink for a seamless and high-end appeal.

Adding a Kitchen Island

An island is where the family can gather together, this creates a feeling of warmth that most homeowners look for. Islands are great for all purposes, preparing food, where kids can do their homework, and for you to entertain guests. If your kitchen space can take it, an island will elevate it and make your home more attractive. An alternative would be a small dining table with seats around. The open space concept and dual-use element kitchen islands are quite desirable and most modern developments want to incorporate it.

Refreshing Cabinetry and Shelving

Cabinetry is a big part of kitchen spaces that should not be ignored when remodelling. Elevating your cabinetry could be as simple as switching out door and drawer handles or knobs but will this increase the value of your home? For the update to really matter, it has to go as far as changing the cabinetry design to a more modern one, the addition of more units, refreshing the paint, or repairing broken parts. A fresh coat of paint matters a lot and you can always change the colour to crispy white or olive green…as long as it matches the overall colour theme.

Another thing to add is open shelving, not so much but just enough so that there is an option for displaying beautiful chinaware, beautiful spice jars, and some decor items. Some modern cabinetry designs use mesh treatment on the upper cabinetry doors so that it offers some privacy and a neater look than open shelving.

Updating Kitchen Appliances

It is not enough to only update the finishes in your kitchen, provide more storage and seating space. If you have broken or old-fashioned appliances, buyers will pass on your home because your kitchen won’t be sufficiently functional to them. Avoid this by updating your kitchen with the most modern and smart appliances and even adding some that you may not have had in the past like an espresso machine. Add flat tops, multifunctional appliances, and other appliances that create a minimal mess and make life seem easier in general.

Built-in appliances are high value and look high-end. They help hold the asking price and increase the possibility of buyers going beyond. Fitted appliances are not cheap, but they are a worthy investment that will bring good returns when you want to sell. Depending on the market, the demand, and your budget, this is something you should consider for your kitchen renovation.

Improving The Lighting

Before you sell, ensure your kitchen is well lit, nobody enjoys cooking in a gloomy and drab kitchen. 

The easiest way to get maximum light into the kitchen is to have windows that are big enough and bring in a ton of natural lighting. Remove any obstacles around windows that could be blocking light like cabinetry and appliances. Rearrange and redesign accordingly. Also, everyone loves a view, if your kitchen window offers one, the more appealing your house will be to home buyers. You can also change the position of the window, add additional windows or enlarge existing windows. You may have to consider factors like security and privacy with windows, but they should not be limiting factors. 

There is a lot you can do with artificial lighting to improve the value of your home too and ensure a well-lit kitchen at night. Provide task lighting with eclectic fixtures that will make the kitchen look stylish. Hang long pendant lights over the kitchen island or dinette and add under cabinet lighting to increase the visibility of countertops and food preparation areas.

The satisfaction that comes with working in a new, clean, and perfectly functional kitchen space is worth every coin invested in the remodeling and homebuyers are always willing to pay to have it. With good planning and an efficient remodeling team, it is possible to increase the value of your home through kitchen remodels. 

With this knowledge, you will never go into a home-opening without a kitchen remodel. Read our other blogs on kitchen renovations and when you are ready to upgrade, give us a call.

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