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Save Your Money With These 5 Cheap Kitchen Countertops

So you’re finally looking to replace that old countertop and bring in something new. You just don’t want to break the bank for that new countertop. Don’t worry! We’re here to uncover the best cheap kitchen countertops while you’re facing financial distress.

We want to provide you with 5 great options that are relatively cheaper than granite, marble, soapstone countertops, and even your classic quartz countertop. We’re going to go over the pros & cons and how much the counter would cost per square foot. There are plenty of options to choose from and many considerations to make. Which kitchen countertop would best fit your kitchen island or countertop? Think about your preferences and your way of life. Do you have kids or pets? How about how often you intend to cook? Think carefully and read about these 5 cheap kitchen countertops carefully. We really hope that this article can help you make an informed decision about which countertop material is for you. While helping keep your pockets full.

Laminate Counter

The first one on our cheap kitchen countertops list is the laminate countertop. What’s great about this countertop material is that it is really easy to maintain and clean. There are a variety of design options to pick from and the best part is it’s super inexpensive. Laminate counters start at $29 per square foot. In comparison to that of a granite countertop that starts as high as $58-60. Looking for an inexpensive, clean, and easily maintainable countertop? you really can’t go wrong with a laminate kitchen countertop. What’s great is these can even easily install the counter DIY style. Now lets see another cheap alternative in the wooden countertop materials.

Solid Wood Countertops

Solid wood countertops and butcher block countertops have been interchangeably used to describe the solid wood countertop or tabletop. A butcher block is a slab of wood used by butchers and meat producers to cut their meat. While your countertop might not be an actual butcher block, solid wood countertops can look incredibly nice in your kitchen. The great thing about solid wood countertops is their durability, coziness, and modern look. Depending on the material and size your solid wood counter could start as low as $20. The price does increase to higher more luxurious prices as high as $70 with high-quality materials. So just keep in mind there are both expensive and inexpensive solid wood counter choices. Next, we are going to go over tile countertops.

Tile Countertop

Tile countertops have been around for quite a while and are a classic countertop for any home. When it comes to the tile the great thing is the variety of options, both for the design and the cost of the tile. You can choose from different tile materials, colours, shapes, and sizes. Tiles are also really easy to replace rather than removing an entire slab. You can quickly remove and replace a tile piece that has a chip or crack with another.

Unfortunately, this means that tile is not the most durable material. This is because the tile material, usually being ceramic, is a softer material than that of natural stone. This will cause tile to chip and obtain damage much more easily. Another issue you might run into is that the tiles have porous grout lines that glue them together. These lines leave your kitchen counter more susceptible to stains, growing fungus, or bacteria. Honestly, tiles are great because they can cost anywhere between $1-$15. This makes tile one of the most cost-effective cheap kitchen countertops on our list.

Stainless Steel Countertops

Now, stainless steel countertops might not always be the cheapest. Still, you can’t deny the clean and elegant look that stainless steel countertops give your kitchen. Stainless steel countertops are sleek and modern. They are incredibly durable, heat resistant, waterproof, won’t rust or stain and is one of the easiest surfaces to clean.

Unfortunately, the steel does show fingerprints very easily. They can be loud when placing pots and pans on the counters. and the price may not justify the purchase. Starting at $80 per square foot for a professional installation. Here are some ideas to save on stainless steel counters. You can go with a prefabricated stainless steel countertop table just to have as an island in your kitchen. You can also choose to DIY install the stainless steel yourself. This might run you about $40 per square foot of steel, essentially reducing your cost by 50%. At the end of the day, it’s really up to you. We thought it would be a good option because they look beautiful and there are some cheap options for them.

Corian Countertops

Lastly, we have Corian countertops. Dupont invented Corian countertops. Solid surface counters are an engineered stone vs natural stone countertop like granite, which appears naturally from the earth. Corian by combining acrylic polymers with stone and mineral materials. When you pour the polymer into a mold it creates a solid composition. What’s great about Corian countertops is that there are over 100 colour options with a ton of modern and elegant designs. Being non-porous or waterproof, you don’t need to seal Corian. This makes Corian super easy to clean as well. You can mould Corian into any shape you want so it is very custom. To top it all off Corian is generally cheaper than a granite or quartz countertop, it generally starts at $35 per square foot.

Unfortunately, you can scratch and crack because it’s a softer surface than other natural stones. Corian also does not handle high temperatures very well and some chemical cleaners may discolour or ruin your Corian counter. Corian is still a great choice and we think it’s one of the best cheap kitchen countertops compared to those other expensive natural stones.


There are so many cheap kitchen countertops for you to choose from. You deserve a solid kitchen countertop for your kitchen remodel. We hope these alternatives were helpful in helping you make a better decision towards some cheaper countertop alternatives. On the other hand, if your budget isn’t an issue, consider checking out our best stone countertops article. If you have any questions about installations or countertop options please don’t be afraid to reach out to us at Caviar Kitchen and Stone. At Caviar Kitchen and Stone we offer Quartz countertop installations and we love to help individuals get their dream countertop.