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The 5 Best Outdoor Countertop Materials for the Winter

You want your outdoor kitchen to last a while, check out the best options for outdoor countertop materials.

There are several reasons you might consider owning an outdoor kitchen, such as the ease of entertaining guests outdoors and to keep the indoors cool by cooking outdoors, ultimately cutting back on energy bills. While you have your reason to make your dream of an outdoor kitchen a reality, one common challenge is choosing the right materials for the countertop in the kitchen. 

Several options are available when deciding which material is best for a countertop in the kitchen, making it difficult to know which one is the best to choose. However, it is worth noting that each countertop material has its pros and cons, and which one you choose plays a significant role in what to expect from the countertop.

Specifically, when choosing a material for a countertop in the winter, it is wise to look out for a durable material with the ease of cleaning. Besides this, you also want to consider your budget and style before settling for a material.

Here, we discuss the common countertop materials to consider for an outdoor kitchen in the winter:


Granite is the most chosen countertop material for an outdoor kitchen. The major reason for this is granite has the ability to fit into all weather conditions and styles. With this, it is right to say that granite is the best material for an outdoor kitchen, especially for the winter. 

A few reasons you want to choose granite for your countertop include high durability and the tendency to withstand harsh weather conditions, like heat and extreme cold weather. Also, consider granite if you are looking for something that won’t lose color over time. Plus, granite is great at resisting mold, stains, and mildew when properly sealed. This is really important considering the moisture content that is produced outdoors.

However, it is equally worth mentioning that granite is more expensive than other materials. This is no surprise with the list of benefits to expect from the material. Studies show that the cost of installing a square foot of granite can vary between $56 and $80. This doesn’t include the cost of labor, and while the cost of the material varies from region to region, the cost of installation greatly depends on the installer.

Hence, consider your budget for installing a countertop before finally choosing granite as your preferred material. 

Also worth mentioning is that granite is available in different colors, with black and white being the major options. Whichever option you choose should depend on what befits your style in the outdoor kitchen.


Tile is another excellent option to consider for an outdoor kitchen countertop in the winter. There are many reasons to choose tile, ranging from its affordability to varieties of options to ease of repair. 

Tile is a more affordable option than granite, meaning it is a better choice for those on a low budget. Also, with its variety of options, it is easy to find a design which fits your style best. Plus, tile is easy to replace when damaged without having to tamper with the whole surface.

However, tile comes with its disadvantages – it is not usually ideal for extremely cold weather. Hence, if you reside in a region with harsh cold weather, you might want to look for another material. This is because the grout is prone to crack in freezing temperatures. 

Another shortcoming of tile is that the grout is susceptible to staining. 

The cost of installing a square foot of tile ranges between $22 and $37. This shows that tile is a better option for those on a low budget but on the other hand it doesn’t even come close to granite in durability.

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Natural Stone

Granite is a type of natural stone, and besides granite stone, other natural stone varieties are also a good fit for making countertops for outdoor kitchens. 

Some benefits of natural stone include high durability, uniqueness, and they’re never out-of-style. This means that countertops made from natural stones serve longer, and you can have a unique countertop, and natural stone will always be relevant. 

The only major setbacks of natural stones are the need for regular refinishing and ease of staining. 

On the cost, it is no surprise that the cost of natural stone is not quite different from that of granite. The cost of natural stone ranges from $40 to $100 per square foot. This isn’t the best news for those on a low budget, but it is worth the cost, because of its list of benefits.


The most common material of countertops found in outdoor kitchens is concrete. Concrete countertops are widely chosen for customization flexibility, meaning that you can decide on any shape you want your countertop to take. 

Another advantage of concrete for making countertops is that they can be tinted to your desired colors. Plus, pros can mold concrete to give whatever impression you desire. 

However, on the flip side, not everybody likes the final look that concrete gives. Another setback is that concrete is prone to cracking, especially when used in harsh weather. Also, the color can fade with prolonged exposure to the sun.

On the cost of installing a concrete countertop, costs can vary from $100 to $150 per square foot, with the cost of labor mounting on it. This makes concrete quite expensive and considering its issues with outdoor environments this might be the least considered material to use.


Quartz is another option of countertop materials. It is incredibly durable and can withstand high heat and cold temperatures depending on the quality of the quartz. These are some considerations to make if you do decide to go with quartz.

The major reason to be wary of quartz though, is its ability to fade in color. Especially darker coloured quartz slabs tend to discolour more quickly when exposed to UV rays. If you can, try to avoid exposing your quartz to direct sunlight. Plus, if your quartz quality is low it is more susceptible to warp because of humidity and moisture. 

Quartz can definitely work as an outdoor countertop material. You just need to consider how much you are willing to spend on proper quartz slabs to ensure longevity and durability.


Choosing a countertop material for an outdoor kitchen is not as straightforward as choosing a material for the indoor kitchen, as an outdoor kitchen is more prone to harsh weather conditions than an indoor kitchen. 

Quartz and granite have been widely chosen options for countertops in outdoor kitchens, thanks to their durability and ability to resist heat and cold in all weather. 

If you cannot afford granite, as the price can get really high, you might want to choose tile for its low costs or if you’re willing to risk colour fading, quartz countertops for outdoors are also an excellent choice because of its durability and resistance to heat and cold. Whichever countertop you choose, we hope this article helped you make a better decision as to which outdoor kitchen countertop to consider for the winter.  

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